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Summer camp gets extreme

Joshua Specht/Press-Tribune Kenzie Adcock pops a wheelie during BPCC’s Camp Cavs BMX class held last week. The class is one of several meant to keep kids busy this summer.

BMX Camp Cavs class takes summer boredom for a ‘spin’


Joshua Specht



If you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than getting going fast and getting dirty. And for Bossier Parish Community College’s Camp Cavs members, they lived the dream for a few days.

BPCC’s Camp Cavs program hosted a BMX class last week at Cargill Park in Shreveport.

“The camp is a good experience for any age. It helps the kids learn how to ride bikes like they have never done before,” said instructor Darrell Adcock.

BMX, or bicycle moto-cross, is an individual sport that features racing through a dirt track on a single-speed bicycle. Accessible to anyone who can ride a bike, this was highlighted by the class being open to the wide age range of five-year-olds to age 18.

Five students participated in this year’s camp some of them having already won trophies in the sport.

One of these was student Walter Plantinga, who heard about the camp from his mom. He has been racing for about a year and this is his second year at the camp.

“I don’t care for the jumps, they scare me a little,” said Walter.

Even for the experienced riders, careening around the wet track with various jumps, including the intimidating “final jump,” is a challenge.

Darrell warns that while BMX is suitable for all ages, it’s not an easy sport.

“It takes a lot of hard work to become a good BMX rider,” he said.

Camper Kenzie Adcock highlighted this fact by saying she puts in time outside of the track so she can get better.

“To train for this I workout and do lots of sprints and drink plenty of water,” said Kenzie.

Kenzie has been riding for two years and she joined when her neighbors told her about the camp.

“My favorite part about the racing experience is the starting gate. I like watching the lights change and waiting it for to drop,” said Kenzie.

Darrell said BMX riding is a good sport for kids who have lots of energy.

“It gives them a chance to let it all out and have fun.”

While this year’s class is over, there is a full schedule of other Camp Cavs classes and events. Visit www.bpcc.edu/workforcedevelopment/documents/campcavs.pdf to download a full list of upcoming classes and see how to sign up.

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