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Supplying the supplies

Sydney Bonner



Pencils? Check. Paper? Check. Backpack? Check.

Picking up school supplies for the new school year can always be a hassle for those who wait. But what about the families unable to buy a backpack for their child much less provide their lunch?

Companies, churches, organizations and members of the community scattered throughout the Bossier parish area are here to help those in need.

“The bottom line is we want to help.” Teri Gilbert, small group coordinator of the Simple Church, said. “We are willing to find the area that needs the help the most and do our part to invest in a child’s life in need.”

“Bwap” are “backpacks with a purpose”—the terminology used to describe what the Simple Church is doing for the community locally as well as globally. Whenever one backpack is purchased, two others will be sent to children in need. These stylish backpacks are built to last and come in a variety of colors for $39. The backpacks will be for sale in the Shreveport Convention Center August 28th only for a one time price of $25.

If you are unable to make it, the backpacks will be available in the “Do Good” store located at the boardwalk for sale at normal price August 2-4, which is open the first weekend of every month.

“Our founder Justin’s vision for the Do Good store is to ‘live simply, give generously and consume consciously,” Gilbert said. “These factors are the key to helping a community thrive.”

Just a few streets away, First United Methodist Church of Bossier City has sponsored the first graders at Central Park Elementary.

This is the fourth year that First United Methodist has adopted the first grade children at Central Park.

This year 75 children will be able to receive free school supplies for the year.

As of July 14 through this Sunday, July 28, a list of needed school supplies has been sent out to the congregation; monetary donations are accepted as well to pay for supplies.

Next Wednesday, Aug. 31 from 1-3 p.m., members of the church and community are invited to go shopping with First United Methodist for the rest of the supplies, which will be paid for by the monetary donations.

The items will be provided the following Sunday, August 4th, at 1 p.m. at Central Park’s Open House for parents and students.

“It’s such a blessing,” Ashley McGuire, associate pastor, said. “Every year the event touches a lot of lives, including ours.”

Faith Moving Mountains ministry is a ministry where local churches and local businesses to come together to provide for children in need for the school year as well as the Word of God. Last Saturday, FMM was able to assist over 700 children this year by providing new and used uniforms and school supplies at the Shady Grove Community Center and North Point Community Church in South Bossier.

Four hundred and seventy-five children in need attended the event and FMM passed out over 800 Bibles to encourage families and give children hope. Their hope is to extend their ministry into Haughton next year.

“This event goes way beyond just helping children in need out.” Angie Tejada, founder of Faith Moving Mountains, said. “There are huge needs in our community and we hope to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Want to enjoy yourself while donating? “Skate for School” is being held this Sunday at Hot Wheels Skating Rink in Bossier City from 2-5 p.m., sponsored by Heavenly Concepts Pageantry.

HCP will pay for you to skate if you bring $10 or more in school supplies for children in need.

The current royalty from this year’s pageants will be in attendance to support the community. The girls will be there to see who can bring the most school supplies. Prizes will be provided to the winners.

“This is a great way to get the community as well as the children involved in helping those in need.” Michelle Cook, owner of Heavenly Concepts Pageantry, said. “Everyone will come together and have a blast while participating.”

“I’m here to support my local community and if my organization has the money, we are willing to donate to people that need it the most.”

Everyone is getting creative this school year, including KTBS 3 news.

The local event “Stuff the Bus” is around for the third year in a row. A school bus is passed around from Wednesday, July 17th, until the time school starts, Thursday, August 8th.

Each day the bus goes to a different company, business, or organization in the community to raise school supplies during normal office hours.

On Tuesday, July 8th, the bus made at stop at ICEE Distributors, LLC, in Bossier City.

“Who knows more about kids than ICEE?” Sarah Thornton, PHR of ICEE, said. “We want to give children the tools they need for an education.”

Anyone is encouraged to come by the company and bring school supplies for children in need.

On August 8th, the bus is taken to KTBS where teachers from various schools will be in contact to let the company knows where the supplies are needed most.

Donations of supplies can also be dropped off at the KTBS 3 lobby, located at 312 E. Kings Hwy., Shreveport.

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