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The Be Kind People Project returns to Bossier Schools on a mission to spread kindness


Across the country, news headlines are focused on respect and responsibility. Schools in Bossier Parish are doing something about it.

Working together to create a positive learning environment that will serve both students and teachers, Bossier Schools and The Be Kind People Project (a 501c3 non-profit) came together the week of October 22 to present a comprehensive youth development program based on kindness towards others.

Seven members of THE BE KIND CREW® —a group of over 40 highly talented professional urban dancers and education specialists who serve as an inspiration and positive role examples for students nationwide — visited R.V. Kerr Elementary and Stockwell Place Elementary, the same schools they visited two years ago.

“Based on ten skill sets of The Be Kind Pledge™, The Be Kind People Project works in an innovative and proactive way to help kids learn what TO do instead of what NOT to do,” said Chief Programs and Services Officer, Bo Whittenton. “We’ve been called the best anti-bullying program available to schools and we never even say the word “bully” to the kids at any time. Instead, we help kids to understand that it’s COOL to be kind.”

Thanks to a partnership grant secured with the Department of Defense and Education Activity, Bossier Schools has implemented the Be Kind People Project at R.V. Kerr and Stockwell Place Elementary Schools for the last three years.

“Our goal with this grant is to support the social emotional needs of our military children as well as promote positive behavior and encourage friendships between our military students and our non-military students,” said Georgette Price, DoDEA Grants/Military Services Manager for Bossier Schools. “The focus of this program is to teach students how to put kindness into action, and it has been so exciting to see how each school has adopted the pledge; from a buddy bench at Stockwell to a Kindness Club at Kerr.”

“We’ve been so impressed with the commitment of the schools and the community. This is something very special to have such broad support, and we think that the town will feel the positive effects,” Whittenton said. “In addition, we celebrate teachers, we thank them, and we encourage kids to do the same.”

Recently, The Be Kind People Project released an original music video and song dedicated to an attitude of gratitude for our nation’s teachers. It was performed live by THE BE KIND CREW while they were in Bossier, but you can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VgnAybwQhY

The Be Kind People Project® (BKPP) is a Phoenix-based 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on initiating positive social change in schools to improve the learning environment for student academic achievement, ameliorate unwanted behavior issues (including bullying and cyberbullying), and provide a framework for responsible and enduring youth development. BKPP’s innovative and culturally relevant programs link social, emotional, academic, civic, teacher appreciation, wellness, digital responsibility, online safety, and character education with a high energy, interactive approach that CONNECTS with students through the voice, attitude, and urban dance of THE BE KIND CREW™. The Be Kind Pledge™, at the core of the program, offers a foundation for developing a personal code of conduct and enduring values to prepare students to be caring, contributing, and respectful family members, citizens, and leaders. Since its inception, BKPP has delivered over 30 million character education resources to more than 6 million students in 14 states, 96% in Title 1 schools. Its BE KIND Break, an online learning program, is used in 493 cities worldwide.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.