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The City of Bossier City gives updated information regarding shooting incident

Cortrell Burks

Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

The City of Bossier City held a press conference on Wednesday May 3, 2023 in order to update the community regarding the shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday morning May 2 at the Valero gas station on Industrial Drive. In the incident, two people were killed and two others were shot, including a Bossier City Police Officer.

It is confirmed that an Alabama murder suspect, Cortrell Burks, Age 50, has been arrested for the unspeakable crimes that took place on Tuesday morning. Burks is in the Bossier Max Facility charged with two counts of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Below is the information that was released during the press conference by Bossier City Public Information Officer Louis Johnson:

“Initially shots were fired. After the shots were fired, there was a call made. The callers were employees at the adjoining Mexican restaurant. They heard the shots and made the call. After making the call, Bossier City Police responded. They arrived on scene in exactly one minute, 33 seconds. We are certain that their quick response time is what saved lives yesterday.

“It is reported that the suspect went into the business and while there, he took the lives of two people. After arriving on the scene, Bossier City Police department officers took on gun fire. They were struck several times. The officer was struck once in the chin, once in the shoulder and both legs. After the impact, it rendered him unconscious. He was very fortunate that the other officer was on scene, and that officer was able to keep him protected. At this point, that officer will be unnamed. Because of an ongoing investigation, he is now on paid administrative leave.

“The officer that was injured was Officer Kenny Gallon. We find that the suspect had a spree from southern Alabama and along the way. There was a bystander that was also shot and injured. He had a major injury. But because we had another Bossier City Police department member on the scene, Officer Danny “Bo” Turner, he put a truncate on the injury. He stopped the bleeding and saved his life. Within minutes, not only was the Police department there, but our fire department was there well within about three minutes.”

“After the shooting, the suspect fled to the nearby LeBossier hotel. We want to commend the manager that was on duty. After hearing the shots, she locked the door. By locking the door, the suspect was not able to make entry. And not being able to make entry, he did no further harm. He was then confronted by the Bossier City Police Department, at which time they identified him as the person that was responsible and he was arrested.”

“On behalf of our Mayor, City of Bossier, we want to give our condolences as we identify the two fatalities. “Joshua Ryan Calk. He’s a 47 year old white male who was a customer. We also had Jairiah Hamilton. He is a 36 year old Black male who was the clerk.”

The Bossier Press-Tribune would like to offer our condolences to the families of the victims from yesterday’s incident at the Valero gas station on Industrial Drive in Bossier City. At this time, our thoughts, concerns and prayers are with both these families and also the injured police officer/individuals and their families.

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