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The Hypocrisy of the Obama Admin.

Did not Obama say on the campaign trail in 2008 that it was un-American and un-patriotic to run up a national debt from 5 trillion dollars to 9 trillion dollars in just 8 years? Did he not say this over and over again? Of course, he was criticizing George Bush. Democrats only know one thing: criticize your opponent.

Now let’s be realistic for just a moment. George Bush did in fact run up the national debt, not to my liking at all. There should have been a better way, but Bush passed the Medicare Drug Bill which cost a lot, but in addition the United States was financing two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9-11 in 2001.

What has Obama financed? I guess he financed the bailout of the G.M. Union members and a false promise of a federal work project of rebuilding roads and bridges that never happened. This money went straight to Union Federal employees and teachers’ unions so they would not lose their jobs during the recession. Of course, we know that their union dues went right back into Democrat coffers.

Now, in January, 2014 Obama has succeeded in running up the national debt to the unbelievable level of 17.3 trillion dollars, an increase of more than 8 trillion dollars in 5 years, yet he called Bush un-patriotic and un-American for increasing the national debt 4 trillion dollars in 8 years while financing two wars after 9-11 and passing the Medicare drug bill. The increase in the national debt was not satisfactory to me, though the cause was more understandable; however, it left an enormous debt for our children, grandchildren, and our great grand children. So I was not happy with it. But Obama’s increase in the national debt has no foundation. Most of the money has been totally wasted on electric cars and solar energy, teachers’ unions, federal employee unions and G.M. Union workers.

I ask you: Is this not hypocrisy at the highest level? I say it is a disgrace to every hardworking American.

Let’s just face the facts; Obama has been lying to the American citizens, all of you, for 6 years. The proof is on video. I am not making this stuff up. You can see it; you can hear his lies. Wake up. We are in the hands of a liar and a tyrant. He is a socialist/communist. The proof is right there in front of you. All you need to do is to wake up and begin thinking critically about what is going on in this country. It is my prayer that you do before it is too late. Adolf Barack Hussein Hitler Obama is our President!

All we need to do is change the U.S. Senate in 2014. Harry Reid is a suck up to Obama. We must overturn the Senate. Surely, we can do that. True Americans must stand up and be heard. I beg of you, stand up or it shall be too late.


James Gleason

Plain Dealing, LA

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