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The political process


Randy Brown

Politics. By definition, politics is defined as: “the activities, actions, and policies that are used to gain and hold power in a government or to influence a government.” Or, “a person’s opinions about the management of government.”

As most of us know, our precious state of Louisiana has a rich political history. From the interesting, well connected and quite often seemingly self-serving political decisions made by our colorful politicians of yesteryear, to the political environment in our state that exists today, Louisiana politics has always garnered local, national and in some cases, even international attention.

From a very young age, I have always had a keen interest in politics. The entire political process and the people in politics have always piqued my interest. I attribute my keen interest in politics to my father. Since my father passed away in late June of 2020, I have found myself reflecting back upon the countless political discussions that Dad and I had over the years. Of course, these discussions were both very interesting and very informative. With everything that we are experiencing in this present day and time in terms of our political environment, I am actually very thankful that my Dad is not having to witness all of the things that are happening in both in our nation and in our world.

As a result of my father’s influence, guidance and support, I was involved as a volunteer in several political campaigns during both my high school and my college years. I was involved locally in campaigns for Mayor, U.S. Representative and Governor. I loved it ALL! I got to know many great people (including the politicians themselves). And, so many of those relationships still exist today. No doubt,, these relationships have served me well in my role at BPT in countless ways.

So in moving forward to what I do today in my role at our newspapers, a big part of what I do involves my connections and relationships with our local politicians. In this way, I get to be involved from a behind the scenes perspective in becoming somewhat of a“political observer.” And, I have developed many treasured friendships and associations that I value highly. Of course, because of what I do, I am always viewed as a media person. So, I have to remain objective. Truthfully, this is sometimes very hard to do.

However, from behind the scenes, I have personally witnessed the countless hours of passion, effort and devotion expended by the politicians that I have come to know over the last two decades. Their passion and devotion is all for the purpose of making our lives better and moving our community, state and nation forward. And, I must say (as I have said many times before), I am truly amazed by what I see our local politicians do day in and day out. And, I want to take this opportunity to thank them all for their devotion of time and talent. Most people have absolutely no idea of just how much time these ultra dedicated individuals spend in representing us. As I see it (and so often express), I have a “front row seat” and an amazing opportunity each and every day to witness the great work being done by the many great and talented politicians in our midst who care so much about us ALL!

Politics and the political process never stops. We should ALL be extremely interested and very involved in the political process. It is the only way that we can influence the future of our community, state and nation. If we do not care enough to be involved in the political process, then our ability to influence the future both with our voice and with our vote is sharply diminished.

With this being said, let me strongly urge you to vote with each and every opportunity with which you are presented. As we have heard said so many times, voting is a privilege. It is not a right. And in my opinion (and the opinion of countless others), voting is the most important way for us to express our political viewpoints. So, we all must have an interest in the process. And, we all must be a part of the process. Our future depends upon it!

Randy Brown is Regional Publisher and Executive VP of Specht Newspapers, Inc.

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