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The Real ID Act is Alarming

The Real ID Act is coming to the Senate Transportation Committee this week.

The citizens need to know that the bill HB 907 would repeal the current law that keeps The Real ID Act from being implemented in Louisiana.

There are some alarming things in this bill which must be exposed.

The most overreaching thing is why The Department of Homeland Security want to do this in the first place. There are three purposes that The Real ID Act wants to enforce. The first two is to board federally regulated commercial aircraft, enter federal facilities, and nuclear power plants, and “any other purpose that the Secretary shall determine.”  See Page 69 of the H.R. 1268 The Real ID Act.

This poses some frightening questions.  What will The Department of Homeland Security determine they need next? Is this a back door to controlling our personal weapons secured by the Second Amendment?  Will we have to present our papers like they did in Germany?  It is too much power placed in the hands of the Federal Homeland Security.

One of the provisions of H. B. 907 is that it is supposedly giving the citizen an “opt out” provision.  H. R. 907 says there is an option to have the gold star on your license and below it saying it is compliant for federal use or not to have a gold star.  The only “opt out” that can be legally permitted by this law is the official “opt out” by the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana has the power ultimately to adopt The Real ID Act or not to adopt it.

Make no mistake, the individual must provide the driver’s license bureau with whatever they ask for after this The Real ID Act is in place.  The Department of Motor Vehicles will be able to scan and store and transport your biographical information in a database and use a high resolution picture that is a biometric picture to track and use surveillance face recognition technology on the citizen.  This database is administered by Morpho Trust.

This is in our state legislature now.

What can you do?  Call your State Senators that are in the Transportation Committee and tell them you do not want The Real ID Act to be implemented in your state.  The driver’s licenses have too much information on them now, available for any clerk to read, why would the citizen want any more on them.

Say no to HB 907.

Diane Long

President of Louisiana Power Coalition

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