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There’s no place like home

This past week, I had a chance (for the first time in many years) to take an actual vacation. Yes, I have taken days off here and there most every year and I also had the opportunity a couple of years ago to spend a week in Kansas City with our church Praise Team at the National Worship Leaders Conference. However, again, it has been many years since I have had an actual vacation.

randy brownFor vacation this year, I had the chance to travel to Lake City, Colorado (a state that I had only previously visited when catching a connecting flight on a couple of occasions at the Denver airport). I made the trip with my best friend from all the way back in the 10th grade. My friend and I also attended LSU Shreveport together and graduated at the same time there as well. My friend’s wife planned the Colorado vacation all the way back in January of this year. Pretty early on after making these plans, they called me and asked me to put the vacation dates (end of July) on my calendar and to plan on going with them, if I possibly could. I did just that. My biggest fear for the past several months was that something would come up and I would have to cancel my plans. However, my fears were not realized and I made the trip!

We had a great time! We saw some unbelievable sights, gorgeous mountains, great food and stayed at a remarkable home/cabin (with every possible amenity). On the way there, we also spent the night at a fantastic bed and breakfast inn at Wausenburg, CO.

Once in Lake City, my friend and I trout fished for four straight days. All together, we caught some 50 fish. A truly unforgettable experience!

Toward the end of the week (though it was tempting to want to stay), I started thinking of home and started to get both anxious and excited about returning home. Fall is my favorite time of the year (my second favorite time of year is Spring). We have the start of school in just a few days. And of course, one of my very favorite things, football season. From middle school to high school and from college to pro, I love it! I long to be on the sidelines on a Friday night taking photos for the newspaper at a Bossier Parish High School football game. I can hardly wait! LSU Football begins in just 24 days…..woo hoo!! And the Saints and Cowboys…….or Cowboys and Saints (I don’t want to offend anyone by mentioning one before the other) start their regular seasons in about a month! And then, we have all of the many wonderful things happening here that I alluded to in last week’s column! Yes, it is exciting to return home to Bossier!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He may be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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