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Time for fall…Time for football

Fall is my favorite time of the year. And with Fall, it means that football season is here! Thank goodness! Once both the college and professional football seasons come to an end each year, I  go into a state of mourning. As such, I start counting the days until football season is here again! A few weeks ago, I started watching the countdown ticker on the daily blog that I read on LSU football. The ticker starts counting down at 100 days until kick off.  At the time I am writing this column, LSU football kicks off two weeks from tonight or to be exact, 13 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes and 15 seconds from now. Yes, I am a huge football fan and I am counting the days, hours, minutes and even the seconds until kickoff!

randy brownAll of my life, I have been a football fan. I used to play football up through middle school. Then I became more interested in music and band realizing that I could not do it all.

Just because I no longer played football, it surely didn’t mean that I quit watching and being a fan. Again, I am a huge football fan.

When I was six years old, I vividly remember flying down to New Orleans with my Mom and Dad (my first plane flight) to see the New Orleans Saints play the Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas at the old Tulane Stadium. A few years later, I remember watching the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game in 1974 where Clint Longley came in for an injured Roger Staubach and threw a bomb to Drew Pearson for a touchdown with less than 30 seconds left in the game. The Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins that day 24-23. I was really excited over the Cowboys Championships in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993 and 1995. I was also ecstatic over the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Championship in 2009 (finally)! And of course, I am still reveling over LSU’s football national championships in 2003 and 2007!

Locally, like I have mentioned in previous columns, I simply can not wait to be on the sidelines taking photos at Bossier Parish high school and middle school football games. The season arrives in just a couple of weeks! I can hardly wait! I am also looking forward to seeing local Parkway High School standout Brandon Harris play for our LSU Tigers this season! Yes, I am a football fan! Here’s to Fall and Here’s to Football!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He may be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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