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Town of Haughton receives a new library


The new Haughton library has been in the conception phase since 2019, following approval for the project by representatives of Bossier Parish Libraries, the Library Board of Control, and the Bossier Parish Police Jury on January 11, 2019.

The new development was proposed in response to the increasing needs correlating to the growing population of the town of Haughton. As the current Haughton branch of the Bossier Parish Library was constructed in the 1970’s, it was not equipped to facilitate the population influx that Haughton has experienced over the last few years, with almost 13,000 people visiting the library between January and November of 2021.

Bossier Parish Library Systems Director, Heather McEntee stated, “Programs are sometimes held at the local park because there is not enough room in our current building to accommodate a large number of people. There is no meeting room, no dedicated space for programming and no study rooms. Therefore, we cannot effectively accommodate local groups, organizations, clubs or students. Our computer lab is too small for the amount of people needing our computers. We have simply outgrown our current space.”

The plot of land for the development of the new library was purchased in 2019 because of its fortuitous position on North Hazel Street. The land sits alongside both Haughton Middle School and Joe Delaney Park, making it a focal point in the Haughton community. The new library facility will have an increased capacity making it better suited to handle the growing needs of the Haughton community. The new library facility will feature dedicated meeting rooms, study rooms and programming areas.

“We are always looking for ways to help contribute to the quality of life in Bossier Parish. Haughton is a part of the parish that is growing rapidly and we have a diverse population there whose needs may not be met due to our current building limitations,” said McEntee. “Our hope is for the new Haughton Branch to become a place where the community can gather to be educated, inspired and have their lives enriched; a true community center that will offer diverse materials, programs and services.”

According to officials, the new library’s vision will be: “to support the changing needs of Bossier Parish by being a safe and inviting haven for all, fostering education and literacy, encouraging personal growth, inspiring curiosity and building connections that strengthen our community.”

The current Haughton library will be repurposed as another community oriented facility that will serve the town. The new library is anticipated to open in three to five years.

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