Traffic relief on the way for Airline Drive?

(Courtesy of Bossier City) Map of proposed extension to relieve traffic off Airline Drive in Bossier City.
(Courtesy of Bossier City)
Map of proposed extension to relieve traffic off Airline Drive in Bossier City.

Traffic along Airline Drive may get some relief if a multi-million dollar roadway project is approved by the Bossier City Council.

The council is looking to construct a roadway that will extend the west end of Plantation Drive north to Viking Drive. Mark Natale, Public Information Officer for the City of Bossier City, said the extension would continue behind Lowes and Wal-Mart before connecting to George Dement Boulevard, which will run through the new Kroger Marketplace complex. The roadways would have a connecting point to both Viking Drive and Airline Drive.

Phase one of this project is already underway with the construction of George Dement Boulevard. The city council allocated up to $7 million in funds last year for this initial phase. The anticipated completion date is said to be in May 2015.

Upon approval, bids for the second phase would go out in February. Natale said bids would come back around April and a contract would be awarded within a few weeks. He said the anticipated start date would be in May or June with a completion timeline of 18 months.

“The traffic relief road, for the most part, is going to be a 2 lane road with a turn lane,” Natale said. “As part of phase two, they will widen a section of Douglas Drive that exists now on the east side of Airline Drive and do a couple updates to that intersection. It will bring the west side of Douglas Drive in line with the widening on the East side.”

Natale also said that “portions of Douglas Drive are going to be widened and possibly made into four lanes with a turn lane on certain parts.” Then, the road “will narrow into two lanes as it proceeds north behind those businesses” as it connects to the extended Plantation Drive.

Natale stressed that existing traffic on Airline Drive would not be tied up during construction.

The city council has allocated up to $6.2 million in funds from the Riverboat Gaming Capital Projects Fund for the second phase of the extension project.