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Trump visit draws visitors from all across the country

The crowd outside the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City awaiting the start of President Donald Trump's rally. (Stacey Tinsley/Press-Tribune)

The visit of President Donald Trump drew people from across the country to Bossier City.

Desire Bagnare Jones and her traveling preacher husband came all the way from Oregon to preach the gospel and show their support for President Trump. 

“When we heard President Trump was going to be in Monroe for a rally last week, we knew we had to show up and show our support for our president and preach the word of God,” said Jones.

While Jones and her husband were in Monroe they passed out Bibles to all who came to the event.

“I believe God stands behind President Trump and what he believes in,” said Jones.

Jones arrived in Bossier City on Monday and said they will be sure to have a front row seat to see Trump.

“The energy in Bossier is so much better and positive than in Monroe. We have felt nothing but kindness and love from everyone. Including the staff at the CenturyLink Center,” said Jones.

The pair were just two of the dozens of people who showed up several days ahead of the rally and camped out for the event in the CenturyLink Center parking lot.

Jones and her husband plan on attending a Trump rally in their home state of Oregon in the near future.

“We will continue to be a part of the Trump train and spread the word to everyone,” said Jones.

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