UPDATE: Search continues for possible illegal immigrants in Haughton


UPDATE (9/15/16):

Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies picked up two more individuals Wednesday afternoon with assistance from local businesses, bringing the total number of nine persons turned over to Border Control agents.   These are part of a group of approximately 10 Hispanic occupants of an SUV who fled on foot from Border Control agents around 6 p.m. Tuesday during a traffic stop around I-20 and Highway 157 in Haughton.

Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies have been in contact with the U.S Customs and Border Protection New Orleans Sector, who also just recently updated their total count to nine individuals they have in custody in this case, all who are here in the U.S. illegally.

While the estimated number of original occupants of the SUV involved in the traffic stop Tuesday afternoon is about 10 – and now nine are in custody – deputies believe any remaining persons might have already left the area.

Bossier deputies and other law enforcement agencies will continue their patrol efforts, and they encourage residents to go about their normal routine.  However, it they do see something suspicious or need to report any type of criminal activity, please call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office dispatch line at (318) 965-2203, 24-hours a day.  Folks have been attentive with watchful eyes during this time, and contacting us has proved successful in bringing into custody these individuals.


Law enforcement agencies are still searching for the occupants who fled on foot during a traffic stop Tuesday.

Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched around 6:10 p.m. Tuesday afternoon to assist Border Control agents in a search of approximately 10 occupants of an SUV who fled on foot during a traffic stop around I-20 and Highway 157 in Haughton.

Deputies have located seven of the 10 occupants so far. They have been turned over to the Office of Border Patrol with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The search continues for the remaining occupants.  Officials believe they could still be in the area, and some have even approached residents to use a phone.

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington said his primary concern is for the safety of Bossier Parish residents.

“We understand the concern that our residents have regarding the situation, but we have no reason to believe these individuals are dangerous, and the ones we’ve brought into custody have been without incident,” said Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington.  “The others may have already fled the area, but our deputies will continue to patrol and check on residents in the area to keep folks safe.”

If anyone comes in contact with them or sees anything suspicious, please contact the Bossier Sheriff’s Office at (318) 965-2203.