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Video and Photos: Bossier businesses show support for Hurricane Laura relief


From the Bossier Sheriff’s Office:

When Hurricane Laura stormed through Louisiana nearly three weeks ago, it devastated the southwestern part of the state, leaving thousands of residents and businesses without power and having to pick up the pieces.

While we here in northwest LA were spared the brunt of the storm, our fellow Louisianans in the south were in dire straits. But as we’ve seen in the past, our folks quickly opened their hearts to help folks in need. Individuals, organizations, and businesses gave…and gave…and gave.

“Such generosity of our folks showed just how much our people care,” said Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington. “And to see our residents and businesses offer up everything from food to cleaning supplies was incredible.”

Joe Roussel is the general manager for Carefree Janitorial Supply. When Sheriff Whittington returned from a survey trip to Calcasieu Parish a week ago, he mentioned to Joe that the folks were in need of cleaning supplies. On Friday, he donated lots of disinfectant, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, mop heads, and other cleaning supplies, and Sheriff’s deputies loaded them on their trucks to transport down south.

Over the past couple of weeks, other businesses have donated everything from bug spray, food, water, drinks, tarps, hygiene items, and general cleaning supplies. These businesses donated thousands of items worth many thousands of dollars to help our fellow residents to the south. Some of those businesses include City Tele Coin, Jerry Juneau; Top Dollar Pawn Shop, John “Bo” Vice; Silver Star Smokehouse, David Alvis; VCC Janitorial Supply, Randy Hill; SYSCO, Bo Barefield; Carefree Janitorial Supply, Joe Roussel; The Home Depot, Reagan Goodnight; Lowe’s Home Center, Kevin Hinds; and Sigma Supply of North America.

“Simply impressive!” exclaimed Sheriff Whittington. “Our folks want to help, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who stepped up to donate supplies to the residents in south Louisiana. I know the people down there really appreciate it.”

The other side of this story is the delivery of these items to the residents. That’s what Bossier Sheriff’s Office deputies have been doing since being deployed to support the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Task Force in Calcasieu Parish. BSO Team #5 is currently deployed to the area to help provide public safety to the region and help meet needs of the folks in whom they come in contact.

“Some law enforcement agencies from the southeast part of the state had to depart and head home to take care of matters with impending Hurricane Sally,” said Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington. “That’s why it’s important we do what we can to help the folks down there, and I couldn’t be happier with the professional support our team of deputies from Bossier Parish are providing. Makes you ‘Bossier Proud’.”

Please continue to pray for their safety as they serve in the community. All law enforcement officers need our prayers.

Video and Photos Courtesy of: The Bossier Sheriff’s Office

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