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View from Across the Pond: Welcome to my head

Last week I resigned from my job as a Bossier City schoolteacher in order to set up my own business. I can tell you now, that the decision to do so was not universally, warmly welcomed.

For one, my wife was not at all pleased and in a sense, who could blame her.

“But you like teaching” says she, incredulously. “True” says I, “I do”. “And you’re good at it too”, she pleaded despairingly. “Well, guess so”, says I timidly, not wishing to appear somewhat boastful — it’s the Irish Catholic way, pride is a sin, and all that.

“So, why on earth would you walk away from a job you like, a job you are good at, a job that has good pay, and is permanent and pensionable?”, says she through gritted teeth. Which, as any man will tell you, in this context actually translates to, at best, “Lord above, why are you acting so stupid?”, or, at worst “Please don’t make me shoot you and splatter your brains all over my new rug”.

BrianONuanainNow, if you have stuck with me thus far in this story, my guess is that you too are married, or you have been married. So you know what I’m talking about here when I mention “bump on the road”. My wife and I hit a “bump on the road”. Admittedly, this bump was not so much a minor pothole, it was more like one of those really big ones. You know the ones I’m talking about? You drive into them on a Tuesday, and you come back out on a Friday: that kind of pothole. Let’s just say that things got a bit strained around the O’Nuanain household.

Now, I gotta tell you this much, if I were back home in Ireland, there’s no way I’d be disclosing this kind of personal information to total strangers like you through the medium of a newspaper-people back home think you’re a bit crazy if you do stuff like that. But, I’m not in Ireland now. This is America; a place where total strangers who’ve just met are willing to disclose personal information, sometimes so intimate in nature, it’d make a gynecologist blush. So, I don’t mind telling you She Who Must Be Obeyed, hereafter (SWMBO) was-and boy do I love, I really love the local expressions round here, she was throwing conniptions, she was having a hissy fit, and things got knida ugly.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Had our marriage tested. Had it pushed and pulled, stretched to the limit at some time or other? Well, SWMBO and I, we got through it. We’re still hanging in there, and I’m glad. I’m pretty sure she is too. She’s a Southern Belle, a steel magnolia, a woman of substance, and I love her dearly.

My name is Brian O’Nuanain. I’m from Ireland, but I now live in Bossier. Welcome to my head-please take off your boots.


Brian O’ Nuanain runs “Across The Pond And Beyond”, a company that organizes international vacations. You can reach him at acrossthepondandbeyond.com

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