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Vitter blasts Obama admin. while visiting area for Town Hall

Story by Tom Pace, special to the Press-Tribune

Sen. David Vitter let the Obama administration have it with both barrels while visiting Shreveport-Bossier this past weekend for a Town Hall meeting.

Sen. David Vitter, left, and Rep. John Fleming, right.
Sen. David Vitter, left, and Rep. John Fleming, right.

When asked what he thinks about President Obama refusing to acknowledge the U.S. is fighting Islam terrorists in the war against ISIS, Vitter countered, “It is a war, but I’m not sure the President gets that. I think he wants to deny they’re at war with us.”

“And he sorta wants to take the word ‘Islam’ out of the phrase Islamic extremism,” continued the Senator, “That’s at the center of it. So I’m really concerned about the political correctness that is dominating the President’s thinking.”

On the subject of ‘if or when’ Global Strike Command will get a 4-star general at Barksdale Air Force Base, Vitter seemed very optimistic when he said:

“I did vote to confirm Ash Carter,” (as new Secretary of Defense), quickly adding, “and in a private meeting in my office, one thing that I brought up is to make sure he (Carter) was fully committed to the new 4-Star at Barksdale…and he said he was, he was absolutely fully committed, and it was going to happen, and it will happen. So that was positive.”

Vitter was just as vocal about continuing to fight against the ‘open-burn of M6 propellant’ at Camp Minden, where residents are concerned about the cancer possibly caused from such an open-burn, saying:

“I share their concern. What I’ve been doing working with Cong. John Fleming and others, is to demand detailed answers from the E.P.A. and Army about these concerns. We’re gonna hold their feet to the fire, and we’re gonna make sure in every way we can…we’ll only do a process that’s safe for the public.”

Sen. Vitter held a Town Hall meeting last week, designed to discuss ways to modernize and improve this nation’s education and K-12 systems in order for students to be in the best possible position for employment upon graduation, to fulfill Louisiana’s workforce demands.

Vitter, Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, was joined by 4th District Cong. John Fleming for the public event held at the Louisiana State Exhibit Thursday, February 19.

Tom Pace is publisher and host of “Talk of the Town”on The Promise 90.7FM

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