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Walker Place still on hold

Coates Bluff is a new U.L. Coleman development designed for young professionals.

Developer still considering certain elements, stays busy with other projects

The long-disputed Walker Place development in south Bossier is still no closer to becoming a reality.

The property was initially delayed by a Bossier City lawsuit filed four years ago. The residential-commercial combination development is still on hold despite a settlement between developer U.L. Coleman and the city in December 2012.

“The status has not changed. It’s still in planning,” Ed Prokopf, Marketing Manager for U.L. Coleman, said. “There are still some additional considerations that have to be weighed, measured and considered.”

The litigation filed in 2008, as reported previously by the Press-Tribune, centered around the establishment of the curb cut on the parkway for access to the proposed development to be located north of Walker Place. The City of Bossier City entered into a Consent Decree and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with U.L. Coleman Company, Sequoia venture No. 2, Ltd., A. Teague Parkway, L.L.C., and Walker Place, L.L.C. in December 2012 to facilitate and fund infrastructure in a 90-plus acre commercial and residential development in south Bossier.

The city not only granted a curb cut on theArthur Ray Teague Parkway, but they agreed to pay $6.7 million from the Riverboat Gaming Fund for damages, pay millions in infrastructure costs, and donate land for a city park. U.L. Coleman Company agreed to fund $100,000 to implement regulations to provide standards for future residential and commercial development in the Barksdale Boulevard corridor in South Bossier.

However, U.L. Coleman has been busy preparing other properties in Bossier-Shreveport.

Coates Bluff at Wright Island is U. L. Coleman’s “newest environmentally focused community with one and two bedroom residences that will promote energy savings,” Prokopf said. It’s a 252 unit development under construction in Shreveport off Clyde Fant Parkway, just minutes from downtown Shreveport and the I-20 corridor.

“You cannot see it from the road. You’re so tucked in to where the trees are that it creates a whole new environment,” Prokopf said. “What’s going to make this community unique is its rich, Louisiana-style, plantation feel. You see a lot of designs like this in Baton Rouge.”

For more information on Coates Bluff at Wright Island, call 318-868-9000 or visit http://coatesbluff.ulcoleman.com/

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.