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Walmart rewards Louisiana associates with $3.52 million in cash bonuses


In announcement made today, Walmart announced that associates in Louisiana received a bonus in their April 30th paychecks adding up to $3.52 million statewide. In total, Walmart gave associates $180 million in bonuses nationwide. When combined with the $365 million announced earlier this month, the company has committed close to $550 million in bonus payouts to its men and women serving on the front lines of these unprecedented times.

Walmart also announced today that it has reached its goal of hiring an additional 200,000 associates nationwide. Not only has the company helped provide work for almost a quarter million people impacted by COVID-19, they did so in less than six weeks.

The bonuses and new jobs add to the many ways Walmart is ensuring its associates have the support they need while serving customers with the food, medicine and other essential items they need during this time.

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