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Water in south Bossier remains high, cleanup starts from floods

Mother Nature will be cutting Bossier Parish a break for the next few days with warm, sunny days and no rain in the forecast for the bulk of this week, according to information from the National Weather Service.

Rain during the previous week, especially heavy storms which hit the northern portion of the basin that sends water into tributaries that run through the parish, has kept water levels in south Bossier Parish high. While some bayous like Fifi and Flat River are falling slightly, Red Chute is rising farther south.

Rain is not expected to be in the Bossier Parish until the middle of the coming weekend, forecasters predict. Another system reportedly is forming in Texas, but NWS services say it’s too early to deliver a confident prediction before Thursday or Friday.

Police Jury highway department crews are refilling satellite location containers with sandbags and the department’s grappler truck is cleaning up debris from flooded homes in Haughton. Residents are asked to move any rubble to the edge of streets for pickup.

Only Linton Rd. remains closed due to a washout near its intersection with Downs Dr. Highway department repair crews hope to begin working on that washout Tuesday.

Mosquito spraying is being conducted every night, Police Jury officials reported. With the amount of standing water throughout the parish, fighting the pesky insects might prove difficult. Residents who may be having issues with mosquitoes are urged to call the jury’s highway department.

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