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When Does Life Begin?

A Liberal Bobs and Weaves

It should have been an easy question.

After all, Cecile Richards is an expert on abortion.  She is the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and as a top executive in the world’s foremost proponent of abortion on demand, you would think she might have given the matter some thought.  You would expect her to articulate a response that would perhaps, in some small way, soothe the consciences of those who were contemplating the possibility of taking the life of an unborn child.

You see, Cecile is not someone who is “pro-choice,” she is pro-abortion.  She and Planned Parenthood execute the equivalent of murder of the unborn.  And, to make them even more disgusting, they do it for money.  Lots of money.  And some of it is yours, even if you are against abortion.

Planned Parenthood has assets of $1 billion and almost half of the group’s annual revenue—46 percent—comes from taxpayers in the form of grants, contracts and Medicaid payments.  They do this with the blessings of an assortment of the usual suspects—Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, liberals, leftists, etc.  These killers-for-hire have the backing of people who cry crocodile tears when children are killed in a place called Sandy Hook, but could care less about kids killed in a place called the womb.

So, against this backdrop, Cecile musters the courage to make a television appearance on Fusion’s “America With Jorge Ramos.”  Immediately, she found herself in some deep spiritual and scientific waters.  Looking back, I’m sure she wishes someone had vetted Jorge more thoroughly before she faced his relentless barrage of questions.  He bored in on her as any good interviewer should and the results were, well, embarrassing for Cecile.

BazHead2“When does life start?” asked Ramos.  It is a question seldom asked by reporters these days.  “When does a human being become a human being?”

She bobbed.

She began by explaining that the question “will be debated through the centuries.”  Ramos was too polite to say, “But I’m interested in YOUR contribution to the debate.  I want to know what YOU think.  I don’t care what some knucklehead is going to say a hundred years from now.”

Richards was stalling for time.  She was taken aback by the question and needed a few seconds to clear her mind.  When that happens, you go with the old “this will be debated through the centuries” bob.  When you’re in a fog, bob until the fog goes away.

Then, she weaved.

Ramos continued to press her.  “But for you, when is that point?” he asked.  Her response?  Every woman needs to make her own decision and Planned Parenthood wants them to have “all their options for health care.”

She’s still stalling.  She has bobbed and now she weaves.  Has she answered the question as to when human life begins?  Not even close.  She hasn’t come within a thousand miles of answering the question.  As a former anchor man, I can tell you, Ramos is thinking, “I don’t have all day.  Answer the question, lady!  The clock is ticking.”

Ramos is relentless.  He tries again.  “Why would it be so controversial for you to say when you think life starts?”  Her response?  “I don’t know that it’s controversial,” said Richards.  “I don’t know that it’s really relevant to the conversation.”

Are you kidding me?  The question of when human life begins is not relevant to a conversation about abortion?  That is THE question when it comes to the slaughter of the unborn.

Finally, Richards offers this feeble response to the question.  “For me, I’m the mother of three children,” she said.  “For me, life began when I delivered them.  They’ve been probably the most important thing in my life ever since.  But that was my own personal decision.”

So, let me get this straight.  Five minutes before her children were born, they did not represent human life?  How about a day, a week, or a month?  When her children were in her womb, did she not talk to them like most mothers do?  While they were in her womb, did she not pick out a name for them?  While they were in her womb, did she not take excellent care of herself to make sure they were healthy when they came into the world?

I suspect at some intellectual, spiritual and emotional level, she knows the truth, but she can’t or won’t speak the truth.  Why?  Because she would shatter the illusion that Planned Parenthood has helped to create for two generations.  A truthful answer would be a setback to the cause of “women’s liberation,” “women’s health” and “women’s reproductive rights.”  A truthful answer would not make men and women forget what they know about the dignity and sanctity of human life.

She couldn’t admit the truth because Planned Parenthood must remain “proud” of what it does.  It must be eager to provide abortions.  It must maintain that killing unborn babies is a service to humanity.  After all, just a few weeks earlier, wasn’t it Planned Parenthood who was telling the world that what women most needed and wanted for Valentine’s Day was “safe and legal abortions”?

When does human life begin?  Scripture says a human life begins in the mind of God even BEFORE a child is conceived.  “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee…” (Jeremiah 1:5a).

What does science say?  At conception, is this creation human? Science says, “Yes!”  Why?  Because that child’s DNA defines it as such.  The baby is not a cow or a pig or an elephant.  The baby’s DNA says he or she is human from the moment of conception and only an idiot would try to make a case for the child not being alive.  The result of conception is a living human being whose DNA is entirely separate from his or her mother’s genetic code.

So, Scripture is clear and science is clear.  Human life begins at conception.  But, Cecile says human life began, for her, when her babies were delivered.  Do you buy that?  God doesn’t.  Science doesn’t.  But, somehow, Cecile manages to ignore Scripture and science.

Why?  Because the entire enterprise of Planned “Slaughterhood” would be undermined if people were to seriously consider Scripture and science when they ask the question Cecile could not or would not answer.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t want women, or men, to think seriously about the question of when human life begins because it will mean the end of the abortion debate for a contemplative person with a conscience.

One more time, Cecile.  For the record.  Human life begins at conception.

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