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Why Obama Gets Away With It

Something that I have learned during the past 20 years is that “everything the LEFT (DEMOCRATS) ridicule you (conservative Republicans) for, and demonize you for, whether it is a bigot, a radical, an extremist, a racist, an extortionist, or a blackmailer, etc., it is they themselves that they are describing.” And the LIBERAL, DRIVE-BY MEDIA agrees with Democrats. They promote this myth (ABC, NBC, CBS CNN, and MSNBC). This phenomenon involves a long known psychological fact: that many people project on to you what they themselves truly are. It makes complete sense to me.

I know I am not a racist. I know I am not radical or an extremist. Simply because I believe in God and the Constitution of the United States does not qualify me for any of their demonizing accusations. But Democrats believe it does. That’s all it takes in America today to be an outcast in the view of every Democrat I listen to in the news. They don’t even need any proof: they have the MEDIA supporting them. And all this is fed to the American public every day. Democrats never “explain anything”; they only cast a broad net of criticism against all who oppose them.

Well, Rush Limbaugh has developed a theory called the Limbaugh Theorem. It is extremely simple. Observe. You will be amazed. Examples of Failures of the Obama Administration:

Fast and Furious: Obama says nothing and admits to nothing. The Attorney General admits no wrong doing and the Liberal Media says nothing, and… don’t ask any questions… and the Obama Administration hides the facts as long as possible. The facts remain unresolved. People died, but so-called “loving and caring Democrats” didn’t seem to care even though over 300 innocent Mexican people died and a U.S Border Agent was killed by these weapons sold to the Drug Cartel in Mexico with no tracking by the Attorney General of the United States.

The Dismissal Economy: Obama blames Bush, and the Liberal Media never questions the facts, even after 5 years of this with an ever increasing number of people who no longer look for work but gladly accept unemployment and food stamps.

Keystone Pipeline: The Obama Administration plays to his environmental donors on the Left and simply sits on the approval; the Liberal Media never reports the truth about how much the Pipeline could mean to America or the American worker or to all of us who desire to be independent of foreign oil and the Middle East.

The Benghazi Cover-Up: The President lied, went to sleep, and went to Las Vegas the next morning to a fund raiser. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, lied as well, and even pronounced in the congressional hearing, “What difference does it make now”. The Liberal Media was all too silent. Though four brave Americans died, amazingly those “caring Democrats” didn’t seem even to care about who lives, even if it is our American Ambassador and three soldiers, so long as it furthers their cause, (obvious to anyone paying attention).

James Rosen, Fox News and Associated Press Scandal: Attorney General Holder claimed innocent and our President, of course, knew nothing, as usual, and expressed compassion for “freedom of speech” as he knew he should (but he did not believe a single word he was saying) and the Liberal Media supported every lie told. Any thinking person should know that the Attorney General was only doing Obama’s bidding. But we have an uninformed and uneducated public and a compliant Media. Such is a formula for a Socialist’s Disaster in the United States of America.

NSA SCANDAL: Now we learn by a low level employee of the NSA that they have a record of our phone calls. They (The Federal Gov.) say they have not listened to what was said, only who we called and when we made the calls. Well, uninformed public, wake up. All this information is being stored at a vast Federal facility in Utah. Now really, how hard would it be for an intrusive Federal Government to listen to everything we say to anyone? Oh, again, Obama announces his “surprise” and claims to know nothing. Do you really believe that the President of the United States does not know what the NSA is up to, or the FBI, or the Attorney General, or the Food and Drug Administration, or the Department of Firearms, or the IRS etc., etc. Ridiculous. Get real. The Liberal Media plays this one as low key as they can because they are now becoming concerned, also………………..….. finally.

IRS SCANDAL: Now, we learn that during the last three years the IRS has been singling out conservative political groups for the sole purpose of delaying their tax exempt status. The reason is obvious to anyone with a mind capable of “critical thinking”. Nowadays, few individuals have such a mind due to the Liberal indoctrination in our public schools and universities. These policitical groups were targeted because the Democrat Party wants to wipe out all opposition to their political ideology. Again, the President expresses his “outrage” with these events. We know, of course, he lies repeatedly. Lying is no problem for President Obama. It is a gift to lie so believably. As we all know, HE is the anointed one; he is the savior; he is the redeemer of all the sins of America.

HOGWASH: Obama is the destruction of America; the destruction of the foundation of America: the United States Constitution, written by a whole group of men so much more knowledgeable than this man, who, to this day, I do not know and who I distain for allowing the destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (OBAMA CARE): This must take first place among all the horrible mistakes made by Obama. This is truly an embarrassment. Even the most uninformed Americans should realize this total European disaster. Time will tell. Obama Care will collapse on the refusal of so many doctors to no longer accept patients on Medicare or Medicaid. The price of health care insurance will increase for most Americans paying for this disgraceful legislation. The young, between the ages of 26 and 40 or 45 will suffer the highest premiums and pay much of the cost of this awful law. This age group is the healthiest with the fewest visits to the doctor, but they will pay extremely high premiums, premiums unheard-of heretofore. WHEN YOU GIVE UP YOUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOM FOR THE MISGUIDED FAITH IN SECURITY, YOU WILL END UP WITH NEITHER (Benjamin Franklin).

So, Barack Hussein Obama escapes the wrath of the American people under the protection of a compliant, liberal media, and he gets blamed for nothing. But he is always blaming someone or something else. And, so it goes until those who believe in freedom, self actualization, self assurance, self confidence, and belief in self, and the U.S. Constitution must fight on until the black veil of disguise is lifted from this administration. Only after this black veil of deceit is exposed will the American people SEE what they have failed to see heretofore.

Rush Limbaugh has it absolutely correct. In the view of the uninformed and unthinking American, Obama is not responsible for anything that has occurred in the last 4 and ½ years, thanks to a compliant Liberal Media that protects him.


James L. Gleason

Plain Dealing, LA

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