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At The Library: In Celebraation of Floral Design Day

by BPT Staff
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Andrea Gilmer, MLIS | Community Engagement Librarian

Humans have always placed some significance on flowers and their meanings, and used them in designs in a variety of decorations. But did you know that there is a school dedicated to floral design? And that there is a holiday also dedicated to floral designs?

On February 28 we celebrate Floral Design Day. This date was chosen as it is the birthday of Carl Rittner who established Rittner’s School of Floral Design in 1947. Rittner opened his school after first gaining his Master’s degree in Education from Boston University, allowing him to continue to pursue his interest in floral arts. His school is still open today, and if you attended you would likely learn about the eight principles of floral design: balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, scale, harmony, unity, and rhythm. You might also learn about the history of floral design which includes the Early Republic Period (1801 – 1830 A.D.), the Romantic Period (1830 – 1890 A.D.), the Victorian Period (1837 – 1901 A.D.), and Art Nouveau (1880 – 1925 A.D.).

But even these floral design periods do not cover the entire history of this art. As you’ve likely seen in a history or art class during your own studies, floral designs were used back in Ancient Egypt. Paintings and carvings in tombs depict bouquets of lotus flowers. Though the years, designs have changed, and even repeated themselves; the popularity of floral designs has grown to become a multibillion-dollar industry today which spans from floral arrangements for events, bedspreads, wall art, wallpaper, and more.

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