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Photo gallery: Haughton vs. Evangel Christian


Images from Friday’s Haughton-Evangel Christian game at Harold E. Harlan Field in Haughton. BPT photos by Randy Brown.

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  1. I would go for Haughton Bucs always…..wondering how many former Bucs are now in NFL doing well or college…about to be…and can’t help wondering what happened to former Evangel football “stars” who went to nfl and disappeared…Booty brothers Josh & Aaron, Brock Berlin….Haughton might have public school students, rich, poor, city & country, but darn good at sports and competition and coaches who kno and care about these student athletes…it’s a community caring theme! There’s just a special bond here that most teams don’t share..winning is the goal when competing …but it does not define us or our lives…win or lose!! It’s one game!! We don’t quit!

    • Sounds a lot like evangel ! We’ve had Countless of athletes go to Division I colleges and then on to the NFL as a matter of fact we have one there right now playing for the 49ers. I don’t keep up with the Booty boys much as now as they are adults with children of their own but they are from what I hear pretty successful ! Brock Berlin has nit disappeared as I see him quite often and has an amazing family working in the medical field not that its anyones business what these awesome guys are doing now smh ! We inspire out students to be the best at all they do whether it’s academic or athletic our kids are taught mediocre is not good enough because God has called us to be leaders and not followers !!


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