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Winners of the 2024 American Rose Society International Rose Trials announced

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The best roses of the American Rose Society International Rose Trials were announced at a luncheon as part of the International Trials weekend in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Rose trials have been a long-held tradition, especially in Europe. This week, there are 27 International Rose Trials locations in 16 countries around the world, including the U.S., where rose breeders offer their finest rose introductions to be grown in trial grounds for at least two years before winners are announced.

The American Rose Center initiated its Rose Trials in 2019 as a goal of the Garden’s master plan and the Great Garden Restoration Project. Roses in the Trial are judged for a minimum of two years, five times per year, by a panel of experienced rose growers. The final judging, along with public judging of the People’s Choice Award, closes with the awards presentation.

Winner of the ARC GOLD MEDAL for the Dr. J. Horace McFarland Award for Most Outstanding Rose of the Trials is ‘Up For Anything’. Breeder of the rose is Andrew Borocco. Introducer of the rose is Antique Rose Emporium. ‘Up For Anything’ is classed as a shrub, described as deep pink; semi-double blooms are borne in small clusters with regular repeat; moderate, semi-glossy foliage that is medium green; bushy growth. ‘Up For Anything’ also won the following awards:

  • Dr. Joseph & Marion Klima Award for Best Garden Impression Rose;
  • American Rose Center Committee Award for Best Shrub-Landscape Rose.

Other award-winning roses were:

Virginia K. Shehee Award for Most Fragrant Rose: ‘Queen of Elegance’, bred by Tom Carruth. Described as a pink, floribunda with medium to large, full blooms (41+ petals) borne mostly solitary, in small clusters, cupped bloom form; regular repeat; glossy, dark green foliage; moderate, old rose fragrance; upright, bushy growth, 3-4 ft.

William J. Radler Award for Most Disease Resistant Rose: ‘Glass Slipper’, bred by Andrew Borocco. ‘Glass Slipper’ is a hybrid bracteata shrub whose growth habit is 2’ tall and 5’ wide, working well as a ground cover, boarder application, or container plant. Blooms are 3”, full 35-40 petal count that emerge pale pink and fade to a very light, almost white; Sets hips. Light, sweet rose fragrance.

Jane Owen & Quintin T. Hardtner, Jr. Award for Best Grandiflora Rose: ‘Ruby Red’, bred by House of Meilland. Described as a red, grandiflora with medium to large, double blooms (17-25 petals) borne mostly solitary in small clusters; regular repeat; upright, bushy growth; glossy, medium green, dense, leathery foliage.

Dr. Charles & Carolyn Beaird Award for Best Climbing Rose: ‘Coral Towers’, bred by Ping Lim. Described as a climbing rose that produces dazzling 4-5” flowers on new wood, blooming repeatedly throughout the season. The healthy foliage is no less exceptional. Grows with medium vigor, ultimately reaching 5 to 7 feet.

Volunteers of America’s Rose Garden Award for Best Shrub Rose-Groundcover: ‘Blushing Drift’, bred by House of Meilland. Classed as a shrub, it has pink blooms with 24-26 petals borne mostly solitary, in clusters with regular repeat; foliage is glossy, dark green, dense.

American Rose Center People’s Choice Award: ‘True Happiness’, bred by Ping Lim. ‘True Happiness’ is a compact, low-growing floribunda full of bicolor red and yellow flowers on a bush that stays to 2 to 3 feet high and wide. It shows excellent disease resistance and is a great repeat bloomer all summer and into the fall. ‘True Happiness’ also won the Gene Boerner Award for Best Floribunda Rose.

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