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Memorial Columbarium of Ashbury United Methodist Church

by BPT Staff
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On March 31, 2024, Asbury United Methodist Church dedicated its newly
completed Memorial Columbarium. Before a sizable contingent of
members, and under the direction of District Superintendent Tom Dolf and Pastor
Matt Rawle, a service of consecration was carried out at the columbarium
site adjacent to the Asbury Prayer Garden. Also recognized at the service
were members of the Columbarium Committee: Miles Holladay,
Chairperson; Raymond Burchett; Ellen Kyle; Ronnie Lawrence; and Lesa
Warren as well as Joey Allen, surveyor and Charles Strickland, attorney.

The contractor for the project was Gene Nims Builders of Shreveport and
Eickhof Columbaria of Crookston, Minnesota.

In August 2020, Miles Holladay, Lay Leader at the time, was impressed by
the idea of having a place available for those people who would like to have
as their final resting place, the church grounds. The idea was presented to
Rev. Matt Rawle who enthusiastically endorsed the project. Despite a
yearlong interruption by the pandemic, and many steps forward, the Asbury
Memorial Columbarium was completed. From the onset, the columbarium
project was intended to be totally self-sustaining financially and that ideal
has been upheld thanks to the help of many niches reserved and
purchased, as well as many generous donations received.

Asbury is offering eligible people a simple, dignified option to a traditional
burial. The columbarium provides a beautiful, peaceful area to serve as
their final resting place. You are invited to drive around to the back of our
campus and take a peaceful walk up to our Memorial Columbarium Garden
and linger in the serene surroundings. Go to
columbarium for more complete information.

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