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State Fair of Louisiana Names General Manager

by BPT Staff
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At a recent meeting of the State Fair of Louisiana Executive Board, interim State Fair President and General Manager Robb Brazzel was unanimously confirmed as the President and General Manager.

Brazzel assumed the interim position in June of 2023 and immediately began preparations for the 2023 State Fair, which was just months away.

“Robb didn’t really need any on the job training,” says Liz Swaine, State Fair Executive Board Chairman. “He had an absolutely overwhelming number of things to do to prepare for our biggest event of the year, and he dove right in. It was like the old saying ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ He ate it a bite at a time.”

Brazzel’s experience with the State Fair spans more than 16 years, during which he has held roles ranging from maintenance to managing exhibits and concessions, sponsorships, to booking attractions and music entertainment. He is a 2019 graduate of the International Association of Fairs and Expos (IAFE) Institute of Fair Management program.

He wasted no time in addressing critical tasks such as renegotiating contracts, hiring staff, enhancing safety and security measures and adding free parking for fairgoers and a lower price child’s ticket. Under his leadership, a new State Fair Admissions Policy was introduced in 2023, receiving rave reviews and contributing to a year with zero fights or public safety issues on the fairgrounds.

“Our main focus in 2023 was on families and safety; it was our top priority. Moving forward, my team and I will remain dedicated to upholding this commitment to safety and ensuring that families can enjoy the State Fair of Louisiana with peace of mind” says Brazzel.

“I am grateful to have such a dedicated team around me,” says Brazzel. “They work tirelessly and have an incredible level of dedication to the State Fair of Louisiana. It was very clear to me during last year’s fair that everyone on the team shares the same passion and commitment that I have for this organization. I consider myself very fortunate to lead this team.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 State Fair, Brazzel is already implementing more changes, which will include introducing a new Carnival Company with a wider array of rides and attractions.

“The State Fair is our live or die event,” says Swaine. “The board is confident that Robb will continue to do his best to make it an event that we can all be proud to call our own.”

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