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At the Library: International Scribble Day Is Really A Thing

by David Specht
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Do you doodle? Scribble in the margins of notes or on the corners of post-it reminders? If so, you may be interested to learn that on March 27th International Scribble Day is observed. 

Andrea Gilmer, MLIS Community Engagement Librarian, Bossier Parish Libraries

The history of Scribble Day isn’t a long one, yet, having been created in 2019 by Diane Alber, author of I’m NOT Just a Scribble. This delightful children’s book is all about kindness, acceptance, and creativity; featuring Scribble, a character who is left out because he doesn’t look like everyone else, who learns to accept himself and teaches others how to accept each other and appreciate their differences.

Thinking of scribbling takes me back to my own school days when I’d doodle during class in between taking notes. To this day I still doodle during phone calls and while puzzling through the next steps in projects I’m in the middle of. Some schools have taken to celebrating International Scribble Day, reading the book and encouraging kids to make their own Scribble and use their creativity. All artists started somewhere, maybe it was with their own Scribble!

To wrap up this week’s column, I’ll leave you with a few facts about scribbles through history. For example, did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci scribbled in his notebooks? And the first time the word “doodle” was recorded was in the 1600s. Doodle finally gained fame in 1936 when Hollywood acknowledged its existence by using it in the film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. And my final fact is for Diane Alber who started this celebration, first with the publication of her book in 2017 and then by continuing to support scribbling by creating this unofficial holiday. Don’t forget to scribble!

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