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Bossier Parish Students Shine at Louisiana School Board Association Conference

by BPT Staff
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Zach Cryer

Bossier Parish students showcased their leadership and representation skills at the recent Louisiana School Board Association conference held in Baton Rouge. Among the attendees were Benton High School seniors Zach Cryer, Kaylee Musgrove, and Payton Prichard, who captivated the audience with their impressive contributions.

Zach Cryer, serving as the Louisiana State 4-H President, took center stage as the master of ceremonies at a breakfast hosted for school board members from across the state. In his role, Cryer not only demonstrated his poise and confidence but also shared insights into his journey and experiences with 4-H. His presence as a distinguished leader underscored the importance of youth involvement in extracurricular activities and civic engagement.

Accompanying Cryer were his classmates Kaylee Musgrove and Payton Prichard, who joined him in representing Bossier Parish on a state level. Musgrove and Prichard took the opportunity to enlighten school board presidents and representatives about the significance and impact of 4-H programs in their lives and communities. Their articulate presentations highlighted the valuable lessons and opportunities provided by 4-H, emphasizing its role in fostering leadership, teamwork, and personal development among youth.

Kaylee Musgrove and Payton Prichard

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