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Superintendent of Bossier Parish Schools Addresses North Bossier Lunch Group

by Stacey Tinsley
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By Stacey Tinsley, Press-Tribune

The North Bossier Lunch Group gathered for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at the Bossier Parish School for Technology and Innovative Learning (BPSTIL) in Bossier City. Guest speaker Jason Rowland, Superintendent of Bossier Parish Schools, addressed the gathering, discussing current issues within the schools and outlined his vision for the future of education in Bossier Parish.

“We’re extremely excited about Spring. It’s one of the best times of the year in the school system. There are many events happening, a lot of recognition, and, of course, graduations coming up in May. April is always a wonderful time with a tremendous amount of activities at the school level,” Rowland remarked.

“People look to us for guidance. We aim to be a beacon in our parish, a light for others to see. We strive to attract people to the district. Our parish is one of the fastest-growing in Louisiana, and our school system is among the most rapidly expanding. Anything that might hinder that growth is offensive to me. It’s downright offensive when measures are potentially put in place to limit, inhibit, or even halt the progress that this parish is known for. The amount of support expressed to our legislative delegation regarding opposition to House Bill 745 and Senate Bill 313, only to have that opposition dismissed, is absolutely offensive to me,” he added.

Earlier this week, a Louisiana Senate committee advanced a universal school choice bill that would make Louisiana the 12th state in the nation to enact such a program. SB 313, sponsored by Sen. Rick Edmonds, R-Baton Rouge, would establish the Louisiana Giving All True Opportunity to Rise (LA GATOR) Scholarship Program. In the Louisiana House of Representatives, Rep. Julie Emerson, R-District 39, introduced a House version of the bill, HB 745, on March 18. LA GATOR scholarships would be education savings accounts (ESAs) usable for tuition, curriculum, tutoring, or various other education-related expenses. If approved, the program would commence for the 2025-26 school year. SB 313 and HB 745 also propose repealing the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence, a voucher program aiding low-income students at underperforming public schools, as these students would receive larger scholarships through the LA GATOR program.

The North Bossier Lunch Group aims to unite men and women in the North Bossier community seeking to stay informed and make a difference. The luncheon’s vision is to facilitate networking among North Bossier business owners, stakeholders, community leaders, and partners to discuss the growth, development, and business future of North Bossier and Bossier City.

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