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Treasurer Fleming supports Gov. Landry sending Louisiana National Guard troops to Texas border

by BPT Staff
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Louisiana Treasurer John Fleming, MD, has voiced strong support for the decision by Gov. Jeff Landry to send Louisiana National Guard troops to the Mexican border.

“It is a critical time in American history. The invasion by millions of illegal aliens threatens to overwhelm us. It will ultimately destroy this country if it is not stopped immediately,” Fleming said.

“Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is taking decisive action on behalf of all of us. It is a shame that a governor has to do the job that President Biden refuses to do. Out of all the presidents in American history, this President alone has abdicated his constitutional and statutory duties and unilaterally decided to open the borders of our country. A country without borders is no country at all, and it cannot long exist. Governors have no choice but to stand with Gov. Abbott at this critical juncture in time,” Fleming said.

“Gov. Landry has been criticized because sending troops to the border may cost money, but it is money well spent. The cost of losing our country would be incalculable,” Fleming said.

The treasurer added that the cost of feeding, housing and providing medical care and education for an endless supply of illegal aliens is something the taxpayers of Louisiana cannot afford and should not be required to pay.

“As treasurer, I have the responsibility of spending only as established by law and within the funds available, and I can assure you that there is no money or legal basis for taking on this extra burden,” he said.

“We are very grateful that Gov. Landry has taken a strong stand on this issue, which is of such monumental importance. We stand with him and Louisiana’s other elected officials in demanding that President Biden enforce America’s immigration laws, and that, short of that, our states do everything we can to fill in the gap,” Fleming said.

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